Welcome to Arcadia Desert Vacation Rentals!

Good Life Retreats is rebranding for 2019! Same great team, same great service, but with a shiny new name and logo! Whether you are a returning guest or new to the desert vibe, we look forward hosting you. Here’s to a Happy and Fresh Start to the New Year! Cheers!

Arcadia Desert Vacation Rentals is a family-friendly vacation rental management company in the California Desert. Homeowners trust our small but mighty team to look after their homes and help guests in case an emergency comes up during their stay. We love the beauty of the desert and hope you have a wonderful stay!

Why "Arcadia"?

The utopian idea of "Arcadia" has always existed since the beginning of history but it enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in paintings and art during the Victorian Age. Arcadia is an egalitarian place evoking pastoral images of man in harmony with nature. In Arcadia, it does not matter if you are a peasant or a king, for everyone is an equal when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, music, art and poetry. It's a place where all men, women and children of all backgrounds can come together in peace while pursuing the best things in life. The things that money can't buy.